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Our Food for School program (FFS) supports not only classroom education for the girls; it also supports any dreams and passions they may have, including sports and vocational training. Against stark gender discrimination, we’ve inspired and supported young women with demonstrated passion for the soccer game. You can feel their energy and enthusiasm on their way to the training camp in this video. 

Girls Soccer - Against the Grain

Many of the girls have incurred the wrath of their parents, who wouldn’t give them food or money to go to soccer practice -- and who would say to them, “I didn’t send you to school to be running after a football”; or, “soccer is a men’s sport”.  


Well, at Rethink Africa, we believe what is good for the geese is good for the ganders. We’re providing the girl soccer players with everything they need to succeed --- food, soccer gear, transportation to training camps, etc. 

Among other things, funds are needed to:

  • Bring more girls to training camp

  • Buy soccer gear (boots, jerseys, etc.)

  • Hire Coaches

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 7.58.19 PM.png
  • Buy transportation (a bus)

  • Buy food and feminine hygiene products

  • Support their education

Alada soccer girls singing all the way to the training camp.

Peter and his Alada girls' soccer team. 


Please join us in helping them!

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